Movie star Hugh Grant has spoken out for the first time about coping with his mother's terminal cancer - and he insists laughter is always the best medicine.

The About A Boy actor's mum FYNVOLA died of pancreatic cancer in 2001 aged 63.

But Grant banished any sense of doom from her final months in hospital by ensuring her time was never dull, according to new book WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? written by DEBORAH HUTTON for victims of the disease.

He told Hutton, "I got a bit bored and went back to tormenting her - my personal favourite being secretly activating her hospital bed so that the head and legs both lifted to put her in an amusing jack-knife position.

"The surgical-glove-cum-udder, the cardboard potty as millinery and gulping the patient's oxygen to alleviate hangovers also passed the hours.

"I even blow dried her hair on the day before she died, which was frankly not the success I had hoped for, and which may - I now concede - have finished her off."

31/07/2005 02:22