British actor Hugh Grant watched series after series of reality TV shows to prepare for his role in upcoming movie AMERICAN DREAMZ. The Notting Hill heart-throb plays a SIMON COWELL-esque talent show judge in the PAUL WEITZ satirical comedy, which also stars Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore and Chris Klein. Grant explains, "I'd never watched them (reality shows) before but studied a bunch of tapes - and I enjoy cruelty. "I like people being humiliated. I like watching freaks. The freakier, the better as far as I'm concerned. "I have always had a secret desire to be on television. I like reality shows - I am a particular fan of (UK show) I'm a celebrity... GET ME OUT OF HERE! "If it wasn't beneath my dignity, I'd be doing a lot of these shows. In fact I tried to persuade Colin Firth to do a CELEBRITY WRESTLING match with me for (UK charity) Comic Relief a few years ago, but he was afraid."