Hugh Grant was left disillusioned about the music industry after portraying a fallen 1980s pop icon in new movie MUSIC + LYRICS because it made him realise how easy it is to make a terrible singer sound great. Grant admits he isn't the greatest singer in the world and was terrified when he realised he'd have to hit the high notes in the film. So he was relieved, at first, when he realised how technology could help him sound like a pop professional. But he left the film set feeling jaded and cheated by his favourite stars. Grant explains, "They've got this process now, with the computer, where they could make anyone sound good. "I got more and more confident and in the end I sang much better because you know they can fix you if you don't. By the end of the film I came to quite love the sound of my own voice. "But I now realise that the whole of the music business is a gigantic fraud. These record producers would be the first to admit that that's actually true. "The only ones I have respect for are the ones who come in and say, 'We're not doing any of that Pro Tools (computer programme) nonsense' and don't mind if they hit a wrong note." Grant's co-star Drew Barrymore was also amazed with what technology could do with her voice: "ADAM SCHLESINGER from Fountains Of Wayne was the one conducting our singing sessions and he made me feel at ease. I knew that I was having crows and vomit spewing out of my mouth and he was like, 'It's OK.'"