Hugh Grant was prevented from taking his seat at a show at London Fashion Week yesterday (20SEP06), by an organiser who failed to recognise the Hollywood star. ALLYSON HIGGINS reached out to stop the Notting Hill actor from walking to his front row seat, then recoiled in horror when she realised who he was. She says, "I put out an arm to keep the crowd back and as I put my hand out I felt someone push against it. "I grabbed him before I even turned around and shouted, 'No.' I turned around and looked and it was Hugh Grant. I took my arms away and was like, 'Oh f**k.' "He looked at me, laughed and just kind of walked across and gave a shrug. Everyone started chuckling. "I'm sure he could see the complete panic in my eyes and he knew I had made a mistake. I was so shocked I couldn't even say sorry."