Hugh Grant was shocked when he received a letter of support from Drew Barrymore after he was arrested in 1995 for picking up prostitute DIVINE BROWN in Hollywood. The two are currently starring in the romantic comedy MUSIC AND LYRICS and became friendly after Barrymore's initial correspondence. He explains, "Drew sent me a letter during my great scandal of 1995. I had two incredibly supportive letters from famous people. "One was from Drew. The other was from Francis Ford Coppola. Both apologising for the press coverage and being supportive. So I've always loved Drew for that." In a recent interview promoting their new film, Barrymore told Grant she felt compelled to do something during his hour of need. She adds, "I wouldn't send anyone I didn't know a letter, but I thought you were so charming. "I wrote you a letter and you wrote me one back! It hung on my fridge for a long time."