Hugh Bonneville wants to ''fulfil his ice-skating potential''.

The 'Downton Abbey' actor admits ageing is taking its toll on his body and he is no longer able to dance and move the way he used to.

He said: ''I'd like a new back please. It's increasingly rickety as I get older.

''I so long to get back on the parallel bars and fulfil my ice-skating potential and to dance 'Swan Lake' one more time.''

The 58-year-old actor and his wife Lulu Evans wanted to give their pet dog a ''wholesome, spiritual name'' - but all their suggestions were rejected by their son.

He recalled: ''I'll never forget when we got our first Tibetan terrier, and we got a whole load of Tibetan names.

''They all translated as 'breath of the moon' or 'silent river'. All very good, wholesome, spiritual names.

''We gave this list to my then-eight-year-old son, who went upstairs to study it and name the dog. And he came downstairs and said, 'I've decided to name the dog Teddy.' So I think even the most pedestrian names can give character to a loving pet.''

Away from his work, the 'Viceroy's House' star insists he isn't particularly serious.

He told Total Film magazine: ''I think I'm only serious when I'm acting. The rest of the time, I like to have a laugh.

''I love playing characters who don't know they're funny or who don't know they're in funny situations. That's why characters like Mr. Brown in 'Paddington' are engaging, but he's a bit of a twit.''