Indian movie star Hrithik Roshan has warned fans not to try to recreate the dangerous stunts he performs in new movie KRRISH, after two cinema-goers suffered serious injuries in the attempt. One fan ended up with multiple fractures after leaping from a high balcony in a Mumbai cinema, and an 11-year-old is being treated for almost identical injuries in a similar incident. Roshan, who plays a superhero in the sequel to his 2003 smash hit KOI MIL GAYA, warns, "The action scenes are meant to be enjoyed, not imitated. Please, do not indulge in these stunts. "Those action scenes are dangerous. I undertook them under close and minute supervision. It required immense training, focus and hard work for it to be executed in the correct way.'' Roshan has called on fans inspired by his character to help people in need - the actions of a true superhero. He says, "A superhero is one who extends a helping hand to the needy. I'd be happy if you kids touched people's lives instead of trying to imitate my stunts.''