The Grammy-nominated Take Me To Church star, 25, has shot to fame since the release of his self-titled debut album in 2014, but despite his huge success, he prefers to go back to his modest family house in Wicklow, Ireland instead of living it up over the holidays in a luxury hotel.

"It is very busy so we've been busy every day since God knows when," he tells the Irish Mail on Sunday. "I'm... home for Christmas and spending time with my family. That's what I've been looking forward to; a bit of quiet time at home, turn the phone off and switch the mind off."

"I'm sick of looking at suitcases, I'm happy to be in one place," he continues. "I still have my own room in the house; it's a mess. Everything I've been shipping home over the last two years is in the room."

Hozier also likes to make the most of his downtime by catching up with childhood friends, who refuse to let their old pal develop an ego.

"What we're good at is maintaining that normality and keeping level heads," he adds. "You're not allowed to get carried away with the whole thing when you have Irish friends around you!"