Hozier ''battles'' with his management over his hair.

The 'Take Me To Church' hitmaker has confessed his shoulder-length locks are a constant point of contention between him and his team as they insist he wear his hair loose for public appearances instead of tying it up.

He said: ''It's a constant battle I have with my manager and label. Every television show I do the hair 'has' to be down, apparently.''

Hair styling was an entirely new concept for Hozier, who admits he never gave much thought to his appearance before he made a name for himself in the music industry.

The Grammy Award-nominee, 24, now finds it stressful that so many labels are pressuring him to sport their designs.

He explained to The Sunday Times newspaper's Culture magazine: ''I'd never thought about how I looked, how I dressed, before all this. I had a winter coat, and a denim jacket.

''I'd turn up for something and go, 'Hey how about I just wear this jacket?' And now I've got clothing companies just flinging clothes at me. The stress of it.''