Howard Stern's actress daughter EMILY has been dubbed a "Jewish-American princess" by a playwright/director, after she quit his New York show without warning.

The 22-year-old pulled out of off-Broadway satire KABBALAH after six weeks when Howard Stern fan websites exposed her identity as the controversial radio presenter's offspring.

She was concerned because her character, pop superstar Madonna, is naked for the final 10 minutes of the play.

Her withdrawal forced TUVIA TENENBOM to cancel the show's run while he searches for someone else to play Madonna, and he's furious.

He tells the New York Daily News, "We are looking for a talented actress to replace her. She said she was freaked out and had to quit, but I told her she was behaving like a Jewish-American princess - just what she promised me she would not do.

"After I cast her in late September (05), her father called her in for a meeting. She came back very shaken. She said, 'My father basically told me that if I take the role, that his enemies would buy blocks of tickets, throw garbage at my vagina, take nude pictures of me and put them all over the internet.'

"I told Emily, 'You have to stand up for yourself as a human being and as an individual and separate from your father. Your father is a psycho. Your father is selfish.'"