Controversial DJ Howard Stern accuses media company CLEAR CHANNEL of sacking him for attacking American President George W Bush.

In February (04), Clear Channel pulled Stern from six of the stations it owns after the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC) fined the company $495,000 (GBP275,000) for Stern's "indecent" comments.

Stern is furious about the FCC's "witch-hunt" against him and believes he was dropped because his political views challenge the radio station's strong Republican beliefs.

He complains, "When I was thrown off the six stations I was devastated. I really thought Clear Channel had 'thrown me under the bus'.

"I'm not taking it sitting down. I'm going to kick their a**es. I'm so frustrated by the amount of censorship that's going on. The FCC is on such a witch hunt against me that they actually go back two or three years for reasons to fine me.

"Clear Channel is very tied to the Bush administration. Clear Channel for years has been defending me. I criticize Bush and then I'm fired. They acted out of politics."

01/07/2004 02:08