American shock jock Howard Stern's radio show is at the centre of yet another battle - this time for comments made in 2001.

VIACOM INC's radio unit is currently contesting a $27,500 (GBP15,270) fine imposed by the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC) for a three-year-old Stern show, saying the penalty is part of a federal campaign to undermine constitutional free speech rights.

In March (04), the FCC announced it would fine Viacom's INFINITY BROADCASTING CORP for a Stern show which described "sexual and excretory" activities at an hour when children may have been listening.

In its petition, Infinity said the sexual descriptions on Stern's show were unintelligible to children.

Stern's show has been removed from a number of radio networks in the light of stricter indecency laws currently sweeping America.

27/04/2004 21:25