Thousands of Howard Stern's fans shut down Times Square in New York this morning (16DEC05) as the shock jock made his first official Sirius Satellite Radio appearance from The Hard Rock Cafe.

Defiant Stern was sacked by bosses of his ClearChannel network radio show after constant battles with them and censors about the content of his show.

As well as characters from his hit show, Stern was joined by celebrities Sheryl Crow and fellow Sirius radio presenters LITTLE STEVEN VAN ZANT and Martha Stewart at the 'coming out' party.

Lifestyle queen Stewart officially welcomed Stern to the satellite radio station's family.

Stewart, who has hosted her own Sirius show for the past month, said, "I want to welcome Howard as my friend and my neighbour to Sirius."

A jubilant Stern marched on stage and cheered, "We made it. The beautiful Martha Stewart. Honey, we finally get to be together." He went on to shock the media mogul by asking her to deliver his "Robo Spanker," "bikini collection" and his "tickle chair" props to his studio for his first official satellite radio show on 9 January (06).

The DJ then told fans gathered at The Hard Rock, "This is the dawning of a new age. Satellite radio will be the dominant medium... The revolution has begun.

"ClearChannel fired me and now I can say, 'F U ClearChannel.' We are gonna knock this universe on its a**. We're here, we're a force and this is the future. Thanks for the last 20 years.

"There will never be another radio show like this, there will never be an audience like this."

Rocker Crow, who concluded the Stern party with a performance, said, "This is the coolest thing ever... Howard, you're great."

Before The Hard Rock Party got started, Stern broadcast his final terrestrial show as thousands of fans stood in a steady drizzle outside his former radio studio.