Shock jock Howard Stern has reignited his battle with bosses at American network Sirius XM Radio by filing an appeal following his lawsuit's dismissal earlier this month (Apr12).
The America's Got Talent presenter took legal action last year (11) claiming his employers reneged on a 2004 agreement to pay him performance-related bonuses if the company exceeded its subscriber estimates by two million listeners.
New York Supreme Court Justice Barbara Kapnick threw out the suit on 16 April (12), insisting the contract contained "clear, unambiguous terms" preventing Stern from a victory, but last week (ends27Apr12), officials at the star's production company, One Twelve Inc., moved to fight the ruling.
According to court documents, obtained by, "Reversal is warranted because, among other things, the parties' contract is clear on its face that plaintiffs are entitled to the relief they seek or is, at a minimum, ambiguous."