Howard Stern, the American disc-jockey who recently signed a multi-million dollar contract to continue his show on SiriusXM, did battle with Piers Morgan on the British journalist's new CNN show last night, reports USA Today. Morgan interviewed the radio personality on the second night of his new programme, which has so far gained positive reviews.
57-year-old Stern began the conversation by taking off his signature sunglasses and saying, "I want to congratulate you on unseating a 95-year-old man. Poor Larry King is sitting home right now pulling what few hairs he had in his head out right now". It has been reported that Morgan's debut show featuring Oprah Winfrey tripled the average audience figures for 'Larry King Live', the show it replaced. Stern went on to query Morgan's background, saying, "I like you. ... But who the hell knows what you're going to do on here. They tell me you're a journalist". The former editor of the UK's Daily Mirror replied by saying, "I was a journalist for 25 years", before Stern hit back with "OK. But people in America don't know that. What is your background? Tell the world. To be successful in England -- very nice. But England's the size of Philadelphia. To conquer England it takes about two days"
The interview ended with Stern predicting that Morgan will fire his talent booker within three months, adding, "You have Oprah, you have me. What's going to happen three months from now when you're interviewing Scott Baio? Who's gonna care?".