Shock DJ Howard Stern's indecency case has ended after the biggest American radio chain agreed to pay out in a record settlement.

CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS - who dropped Stern earlier this year (04) after conducting a sexually explicit interview live on air - will pay $1.75 million (GBP970,000) in a deal with the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC).

The FCC says Clear Channel have now formally admitted it violated the law and have pledged to clean up its act.

The settlement is the largest negotiated by the FCC and a broadcaster, narrowly topping the $1.7 million (GBP940,000) paid by INFINITY BROADCASTING in 1995 for indecency violations by Stern.

ANDREW LEVIN, Clear Channel executive vice-president, says, "We didn't agree that all the complaints were legally indecent, but some clearly crossed the line and for those we have taken full responsibility."

11/06/2004 13:15