ANTHONY WEINER, the Democratic congressman who resigned from his post following an explicit photo scandal, was heckled at a press conference by Howard Stern's writer. After weeks of media pressure, ANTHONY WEINER formally announced his resignation on Thursday (16th June 2011), reports MSN's 'The Scoop'.

Weiner apologised for sending inappropriate Twitter and Facebook messages during a press conference last week. While issuing his apology, Weiner was heckled by a member of the press-pack but ignored the jibes. During Thursday's media gathering, the same voice interrupted Weiner around four minutes into his resignation speech, yelling, "Yaaaaay! Bye-bye, pervert!" The crowd attempted to silence the heckler, who ultimately shouted another lewd question before bellowing, "Will you maintain your hot physique and smooth sexy chest?" The man behind the voice has now been revealed as Howard Stern's writer BENJY BRONK. It is thought Bronk was sent to the press conferences to get material to use during 'The Howard Stern Show'. He later told the New York Times, "I'm trying to get to the truth and, uh, get on camera".

ANTHONY WEINER was an unsuccessful candidate for mayor of New York City in the 2005 election and was reportedly looking to run again in 2013.