Ex-TAKE THAT star Howard Donald finds it so difficult to get in touch with his former bandmate Robbie Williams, the pair haven't spoken in years.

Donald still keeps in contact with the other members of the British boyband - Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and MARK OWEN - but has so far not been granted access to Williams by his management.

Donald says, "I've not seen Robbie and I don't see him when I visit the rest of the guys.

"Whenever I go up north (England) I try and see Gary, Jason and Mark. All of us have been in London and there's no reason why I've not spoken to him - we have no animosity.

"I'd like to soon, but the problem is getting us together. We all have our own lives and careers and meeting up involves loads of managers. It's not like you can just pick up the phone."

04/08/2005 14:12