Review of End Of The Road Single by Hothouse Flowers

Hothouse Flowers

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Hothouse Flowers - End Of The Road - Single Review

Hothouse Flowers

End Of The Road

(Rubyworks 24/05/04)

The latest offering that Dublin’s soulful pop exponents have produced is more uplifting than The Polyphonic Spree and The Flaming Lips combing to sing ‘Put On A Happy Face’. This colourful track is extracted from their 5th studio album ‘Into Your Heart’, yet they still manage to produce unforced enthusiasm and with refreshing simplicity Liam O’Maonlai’s soaring vocals to the tale of judgment day for a relationship;

Hothouse Flowers - End Of The Road - Single Review

“If this is your way of giving me what you got?

I just don’t need it anymore.

This is do or die for you and I,

Is this the end of the road?”

The Hothouse Flowers are indubitably a band that are contented with the way that they are, with the sound they produce and always have produced, simply refusing to change for anyone. How refreshing?

David Adair