A stomach complaint cost Hotel Rwanda star Don Cheadle one of his proudest moments - when he had to leave a U2 concert early. Rocker Bono invited the actor to a show in Los Angeles last year (06) and arranged to chat with him about global issues before the concert. But the actor was so ill he had to go home before Bono paid tribute to him from the stage. Cheadle explains, "It was great and we hung out and then I went out to the actual concert and I was down in front and I started feeling not well and I was there with a couple of friends and I just left. "I was in the car with my wife and I get this call on my cellphone: 'Did you see..? Where are you?' "They said, 'He just thanked you from the stage and put your name on the screen and the light was (on you): 'Don Cheadle, where are you?'"