Canadian rockers Hot Hot Heat ditched plans to film a pirate-themed video in Spain when their European visit descended into one long party.

The band had planned to film the promo to new song YOU OWE ME AN IOU off the Spanish coast, but they decided to take a holiday instead, and indulged in hefty bouts of relaxation.

Singer STEVE BAYS says, "We changed our mind."

Drummer PAUL HAWLEY continues, "We ended up going (to Spain) and just getting too wasted to make a video."

And guitarist LUKE PAQUIN adds, "We should've just filmed that Spain trip and made that the video, because we had some pretty exciting times. And then we had this other idea to shoot the video in space, but the logistics were pretty much impossible."

But the band still has the intention of giving the video a watery theme.

Bays says, "I think we still might shoot it underwater though, it's what we're talking about. Apparently that's cheaper than space."