The Hoosiers Set To Return This Summer 2013

The Hoosiers Set To Return This Summer 2013

This summer The Hoosiers are set to return to stages both musical and theatrical.

The chart-topping gentlemen of melody-driven indie-pop are currently hard at work on a new album which will be announced in all its glory soon and given a preview on an early-autumn tour around the UK.

Meanwhile frontman Irwin Sparkes will be treading different sorts of boards at the Leicester Square Theatre in June, where he stars in 'Human: Resources', a new stage comedy written by music journalist David J. Collyer.

Said Irwin: "Despite vowing to "never work again", the £18.51 we were left with (after taxes) could only buy us so many happy meals and so it's time to get back in the saddle. To make amends for being so bone-numbingly lazy I'm doubling up jobs by putting my degree in performing arts to good use on the stage. "After some time apart we're really enjoying making music and being creative. And the play is so worth seeing I'm even writing this sentence myself."

'Human: Resources' is showing at the Leicester Square Theatre from June 3rd to June 30th. For tickets and more info please visit -

(Photo credit - Sekkidesphoto)