Veteran actress Honor Blackman is vying to replace DAME Judi Dench as MI6 chief M in the James Bond films.

Dench has played the secret service matriarch in GOLDENEYE (95), TOMORROW NEVER DIES (97), The World Is Not Enough (99) and Die Another Day (02).

After playing Bond girl PUSSY GALORE opposite Sean Connery in 1964's Goldfinger, Blackman, 77, would love the opportunity to steal the OSCAR-winner's role.

Blackman says, "They've (Bond producers) never asked me back yet, but I've always thought it would be rather nice to have Pussy Galore go back as the M-type character - don't you?

"Either that, or I could be a villainess - like the head of a drugs ring. I think I'd like that."

09/05/2005 13:46