Within five years the Chinese box office will equal that of the United States, according to Yu Dong, founder and chairman of Bona Film Group, China's largest privately owned film distributor. In an interview with China's Xinhua news service, Yu predicted that total ticket sales will hit $$10 billion by 2018. China is engaging in a colossal cinema construction program that will include the opening of 45 new IMAX theaters by the end of this year. Speaking at the opening of the Shanghai Film Festival over the weekend, Chen Jiande, CEO of IMAX China observed that while technology is an important force in the further development of the film industry in China, the industry can't rely merely on technology to bring audiences into theaters. We hope a few more outstanding Chinese films will emerge, he said. And Hong Kong director Tsui Hark observed that if films made in China are to become successful internationally they must feature a good story and common feelings of human beings. Ironically, Tsui is principally known for his intricate special-effects work.