Cartoon slob Homer Simpson is getting into gear to be one of the voices of a novel 'stars in your cars' satellite navigation system, directing drivers to their destinations.

The yellow anti-hero will groan a commiserative "D'oh" when drivers make a wrong turning while scamp son BART will instruct stressed motorists: "Don't have a cow, man!"

The animated duo will be joined on the high-tech navigation tool by a host of other celebrities including English soccer star David Beckham, THE A-Team's BA BARACUS, played by Mr T, and even the British royals.

A spokesperson for the showbiz route-finder tells British newspaper the Daily Star, "Having your favourite star give you directions will certainly make long journeys more interesting.

"And if it proves to be a success there's a huge list of big names who could be signed up.

"Even if you're a fan of the posh voices you get on regular devices, ours could still be for you because the Queen (ELIZABETH II) would come to your assistance."

The technology is expected to be launched next year (06).