Cartoon hero Homer Simpson has teamed up with America's TV GUIDE magazine to pen a Christmas letter to his fans, in which he suggests he's about to quit his job and tour the world in a Journey tribute band.

The lovable The Simpsons patriarch insists he's only writing the "stupid letter" because his wife MARGE has threatened not to give him dinner until he's done.

In it he says, "My friends LENNY, CARL and I have been talking about starting a Journey cover band and quitting our jobs.

"None of us knows how to play an instrument, but Carl's cousin used to manage a nightclub in the '70s, so he can probably set us up. Rock on!"

Simpson also writes that his son BART's Christmas could be a big disappointment this year (04): "Bart really wants an Xbox for Christmas, but those things are pretty expensive. So I'm gonna build him one from old appliances.

"And if I don't, Bart's present will be a lesson about disappointment."

10/12/2004 09:29