An injury that Halle Berry received whilst on the set of 'The Hive' has not been deemed serious enough to warrant investigation into the work place, and the 45 year-old actress will be fine to continue the filming, according to the Los Angeles Times. 'The Hives' is being shot at Wwe Studios and Berry sustained her injury not by being hit with a steel chair or being power bombed through a Spanish announcer's table, but by hitting her head off the concrete fall in the middle of a fight scene. So maybe it was just a double-arm Ddt then.
Berry immediately started vomiting according to reports, which is a classic sign of concussion and so had to be rushed to hospital as a precaution. However no further action will be taking place with regards the studio, with the organisation Cal/Osha who look into such matters deciding it didn't warrant it. "The incident was not reported to Cal/Osha and was not required to be reported," said Peter Melton, agency spokesman. "She was released from the hospital quickly, so we will not be investigating."
Indeed, Berry is more than used to taking the odd bump whilst on set. Most recently she broke her foot whilst filming 'Cloud Atlas' last year, an injury that subsequently caused her to miss this year's Academy Awards.