The producers of Home And Away , an Australian soap opera aimed at teenagers, did not censor a lesbian kiss between two of the characters on today's (Tuesday) episode, contrary to the prediction of local news media. Newspapers belonging to Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd. had taken the lead in protesting the expected kiss, with one of them, the Melbourne tabloid Herald-Sun recently headlining, "Gay TV for kids." The News Ltd. newspapers reported over the weekend that Channel Seven officials had agreed to remove the scene following complaints from viewers. The report prompted a demonstration at Federation Square in Melbourne where hundreds of gay and straight couples were expected to participate in a mass "kiss-off" to protest the censorship. Only about 20 turned out, however, with one of the demonstrators telling the Melbourne The Age newspaper that her friends were worried about being photographed. "They work in the public sector or with children or as teachers and were very afraid of their faces being shown," she said. Another demonstrator, a lawyer, said that she was worried about the kind of message a decision to censor the kiss would have sent to Home and Away' s young audience.