Holly Willoughby isn't the ''world's best'' at taking off her make-up and doesn't care if cleansing wipes are bad for her skin.

The 37-year-old TV presenter is ''useless'' when it comes to cleansing her face at the end of the day and has found the convenient cloths very useful in helping her scrub off her cosmetics.

She admitted: ''I fully admit that I'm not the world's best at taking off my make-up.

''I'm so sorry it's true the only thing that saved my life is a few years ago when the invention of beauty wipes happened.

''Now I don't care what you beauty types are gonna talk to me and say 'they're so bad for your skin', I don't care.

''I'm pretty useless- this stuff [This Works in Transit No Traces Cleansing Pads] I think are the best make-up removal wipes.''

The 'This Morning' presenter has to be extra careful with her hair because she colours it, so the star uses natural hair care products to maintain healthy locks.

She told The Times website's Style Play section ''So this stuff Aveda, which smells yummy and delicious - if I'm just about to dry my hair after getting out of the shower I put a little bit in my hand, and then I just rub it through.

''Just pull it through and it's sort of heat damage, and heat protector, I put loads of it here [top of head] where I get loads of breakage, and then just kind of though the ends.''

Holly has expressed how important it is to look after bleached hair when in the sun, and uses Oblepikha Siberica conditioning spray to protect her hair from sun damage.

She said: ''So this is a leave in conditioner basically, smells really nice, it's quite nice to keep in your bag when you're at the pool.''