Holly Willoughby has joked she has to be ''pinned down'' to have her make-up done.

The 'This Morning' presenter always looks super glamorous when she appears on screen and at events, but she has admitted she absolutely hates wearing a heavy look on her face all the time and her team have a hard time trying to get her to sit still.

She explained: ''People assume that I love a glamorous look 24/7, but in reality, you have to pin me down to put make-up on me!

''I love nothing more than to wipe away my make-up, but as we sometimes know, it takes more time and effort to get that great, natural look!''

The 36-year-old beauty - who has three children; Harry, eight, Belle, six, and Chester, two, with her husband Dan Baldwin - gets a lot of praise on social media for her no make-up selfies and she believes her secret to healthy skin is plenty of sleep.

She said: ''I think skin has a lot to do with simple things- you can put a lot of things like moisturiser on your skin, and they do help but I think that what you're doing is important.

''Sleep sleep sleep, is a really important thing, and I love sleep, it's so hard to get sleep when you're a mum of three.

''Look after yourself, having that head space to de-stress yourself, because stress comes out on your skin.

''Have a few moments in the day to just process what's going on in your head, I think those sorts of things, you kind of glow from the inside out with those things.''

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