Australian stunner Holly Valance has reportedly been axed by her record label WARNERS - because she's refusing to pose for any more sexy photo shoots.

According to Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper, the former soap star was released from her contract yesterday (09JUN03) after insisting she wanted to shun her sexy image for a more mature look.

Warners chiefs were also reportedly worried about dwindling record sales - her debut album FOOTPRINTS has sold only 150,000 copies in Britain.

A source tells the tabloid, "This has been a long time coming. She hasn't released anything since NAUGHTY GIRL last December (02), which only got to number 16.

"There was an ongoing row about her future. Holly refused to show off her body. She wanted to be seen as a serious artist. Then there was the fact she's just not selling. It's been so long since her last release her fan base has shrunk.

"Finally, she's just come back from Los Angeles where she recorded four tracks for a second album. The label listened and decided the risk was too high to invest more money in her."

But Warners officials insist Holly is still on their books. A spokeswoman says, "We have a September (03) date set for her next single and we're working towards that release."

10/06/2003 13:41