LATEST: Holly Valance's former NEIGHBOURS co-star Kym Valentine has told a court the pop singer ignored a contract preventing her from sacking her first manager.

The sexy star is being sued by SCOTT MICHAELSON - who also used to appear in the Aussie TV soap - who claims she ditched him just four months before topping the British charts with her debut single Kiss Kiss.

And Kym, who plays LIBBY KENNEDY in the programme, gave evidence at the trial in Sydney, Australia alleging Holly had turned to her record company to help her part company with Michaelson.

She said, "I questioned that she had a contract with him... but she said solicitors for her record company would get her out of the contract and would be faxing him the paper work to do so.

"She said that the record company didn't really need Scott any more, that they could take care of her now."

Holly, 20, is expected to give evidence later this week (ends21SEP03) in the ongoing trial.

16/09/2003 17:01