Sexy Australian songstress Holly Valance is looking for a new man - on the internet.

The KISS KISS star went to the web to find love, but she didn't give her identity as an international pop star away.

Instead, she pretended to be a number of different people, including an Austrian psychologist and a Hong Kong lawyer.

She says, "I didn't jump in chatrooms saying 'Single girl looking for this and that'. I made up things like 'I'm a young student studying psychology in Austria. Is anyone out there?'"

Holly is following in the footsteps of her mother RACHEL who found her love on the net.

She adds, "Mum's been with this guy now for about five years. He didn't live far away - no more than about a half hour drive - so they already had plenty of things in common and they fell madly in love.

"You hear some great stories about the internet that make you curious. I sit on it for hours, my phone bill is absolutely enormous."