Australian pop star Holly Valance is looking forward to boosting her musical street cred by collaborating with dance star Felix da Housecat.

The KISS KISS singer is set to work with Felix on new songs, although the pair haven't met yet.

The 20-year-old former NEIGHBOURS star's new single STATE OF MIND takes on an electro sound, something she is keen to expand on with future recordings.

She says, "I was listening to like PLANET FUNK, a lot of rocky stuff - NO DOUBT, and I kind of thought I'd love to mix rock and electric guitars with a more dancey kind of style and I love the eighties, so every time I talked to a writer or producer, I would mention a few different groups and say, 'Somehow can we mesh these styles in together?'

"And it was a really good contrast. So there's a bit more continuity with this album."

07/10/2003 16:49