Holly Madison is wearing corsets to help ''tighten'' her post-baby body.

Despite having already lost a staggering 30 lbs since giving birth to her daughter Rainbow Aurora on March 5 - her child with fiancé Pasquale Rotella - the former Playboy model has decided to turn to the waist-clenching garment to regain her hour-glass figure, a technique which actress Jessica Alba used after having her two daughters Honor and Haven.

Holly told Life & Style Weekly magazine: ''I've started wearing [corsets] to help tighten up. I've still got a lot of loose skin around my waistline.''

The 33-year-old beauty, who was advised to not exercise straight away after welcoming her first child two months ago, is also relying on a strict diet to help her shed her excess weight.

Being given an average daily calorie intake of 1,000 calories, the former 'Girls Next Door' star tucks into meals provided by company eDiets, which include controlled portions of tasty treats such as berry compote, grilled chicken and mashed potatoes, and whole wheat pasta with vegetables.

However, to ensure she can provide milk for breastfeeding, Holly sometimes indulges in a treat alongside extra fruit, salads and healthy smoothies.

She added: ''I'll get dessert sometimes, but just have a couple of bites.''

While Holly makes sure she regularly hits the treadmill and works out, she knows Pasquale will never pressure her into getting trim and insists her extreme routine is simply for her own reassurance.

She said: ''He doesn't care if I lose the weight. It was just a goal I set for myself.''