Holly Madison wants to marry Pasquale Rotella next summer.

The 33-year-old Playboy model is pregnant with her first child and would like to marry her businessman partner once their baby has grown up a little.

She revealed: ''I do see wedding bells in our future. We would like to get married next summer.

''I know we're in for some major changes as soon as the baby comes. I'm not sure what those changes will be yet, but definitely less sleep for both of us.''

The former 'Girls Next Door' star already knows what kind of parent she wants to be, and will be as supportive as possible of her childrens' dreams.

She told TheBump.com: ''Time will tell but I know I will be an incredibly loving, supportive and involved mom.

''My hope is I can help my kids find their passions and give them - within reason - what they will need to follow their dreams.

''I will try to accomplish this by being the kind of mom who builds a strong and solid family life and support system.''

Despite the wealth of both her and her partner, Holly doesn't want to spoil her daughter, so she understands the value of money.

She added: ''I want my kids to feel comfortable coming to me with any problem big or small and I will listen and help sort it out, offering advice from my own experience but not be preachy and teach them, early on, the importance of a strong work ethic and the value of a dollar - I'll try to not spoil them!''