Holly Madison is impatient to get her nursery finished.

The former Playboy model is due to give birth to her first child in March but is worried the baby may arrive early before she gets a chance to decorate the baby's room.

She told People magazine: ''I need to get the nursery together, so I'm getting really impatient.

''I'm so antsy to get it done because I feel like the baby is going to come before I get a chance to get in there. I'm supposed to be due the first week of March but she's just going to come whenever she wants to come, so I don't pay attention to that. I'm ready anytime.''

Holly, 33, - who is expecting the baby with Pasquale Rotella - has big plans for the nursery and has already picked out a theme.

She added: ''It's going to be Alice In Wonderland-themed and I'm painting all these big murals so you feel like Alice when you walk in -- all the tall flowers and all the caterpillar leaves. It's going to take days to do it.''