Holly Madison wants to give Kendra Wilkinson's son "a Mohawk".

The former 'Girls Next Door' star hasn't yet met her friend's baby, Hank Baskett IV - who was born last month - but after seeing pictures of the tot, can't wait to give him a makeover.

Holly said: "I want to give him a little Mohawk because he has all that fabulous hair!"

Holly is planning to visit Kendra and her husband Hank Baskett III at the end of this month, but says they have been keeping in contact over the phone and is impressed with how well the new mother is holding things together.

She told America's OK! magazine: "She's doing great. She's keeping on top of it. She's still able to keep up with everybody. She's just starting her second season of 'Kendra' last week. I know between that and football season and Hank's team doing so well and the new baby that household has got to be just out of control."