Holly Madison is craving French fries during her pregnancy.

The former 'The Girls Next Door' star - whose boyfriend Pasquale Rotella accidentally let slip they are having a baby girl recently - is determined to stay fit and healthy but says she isn't afraid to give in to her cravings and loves her big baby bump.

She told USMagazine.com: ''I try to eat healthy for the baby - I love vegetable and fruit smoothies. But my downfall is French fries. My excuse is they settle my stomach!''

The 32-year-old model is getting ready for her daughter's arrival in late January.

She said: ''I'm really excited about decorating the nursery. We've already started buying some things.''

The former Playboy model is also thrilled her baby bump is getting bigger by the day.

She wrote on her Celebuzz blog: ''Damn! My belly popped out of nowhere! I just hit the 6 month mark and it's like my belly got big overnight!''

The 32-year-old - who has previously dated 86-year-old Hugh Hefner - is preparing to step down from her role in raunchy Las Vegas strip show 'Peepshow' and is searching for new ways of keeping fit as her pregnancy progresses.

She explained: ''There's a lot of dancing on the show [to keep me fit]. Also, I've been getting pregnancy yoga and pregnancy Pilates DVDs for my house and have been trying to work out every day and be healthy.''