Actress Holly Hunter was once left red-faced when she found herself drunk onstage in London after prop masters forgot to substitute a bottle of champagne for a non-alcoholic decoy. The Piano star was appearing in the play By The Bog Of Cats in the West End in 2004 and 2005, when the incident occurred. She recalls, "I was doing the play and the night before a play at the same theatre had had their opening night. "I had a scene where I had to drink a bottle of champagne onstage. Me and this other character had to open a bottle of champagne onstage and devour the contents before the end of the scene. "The prop people - I don't know if it was intentional - they got the bottles mixed up. So when I opened the bottle onstage, I knew immediately from the cork that it was real and that I was going to have to drink it. "I was slugging from the bottle. The pressure was tremendous, I could barely speak after I took a slug. "I was pretty wrecked. I had to play the rest of the act drunk, which was appropriate. But then act three came up, and I was backstage and they were stuffing sandwiches down me."