Holly Hunter thinks the success of 'The Incredibles' can be traced to Brad Bird's ''selfish'' writing.

The 60-year-old actress - who plays the role of Helen Parr in the money-spinning franchise - has heaped praise on the director, saying that his writing style underpins the popularity of the movies.

Holly explained: ''I think he's writing for himself, I think it's for him.''

The American star said that the acclaimed filmmaker embodies all of the characters who appear in 'The Incredibles 2', which also features the likes of Samuel L Jackson and Craig T. Nelson

Speaking to Collider, Holly shared: ''I just think that he is all of the characters ... I think the great movies are done for purely selfish reasons by the filmmaker.

''I mean, the story is a really private manifestation of something, and I feel that way about 'The Incredibles'. I feel that he's all of the characters, he knows them intimately. And that, in a way, is the success of the story.''

Meanwhile, Jackson - who is also a prominent feature in the Marvel movies - recently explained that 'The Incredibles' is different from other superhero franchises.

He said: ''[The 'Incredibles'] are a real family with real family problems. It's a very universal story, and you come to realise that being a superhero is an avocation. It doesn't put food on the table. It doesn't keep the lights on.

''So you've got to do something else to be a part of real life.''