Holliday Grainger thinks less attention should be paid to what actresses look like.

The 26-year-old stage and screen star - who appears alongside Lily James in the new Disney movie of the classic fairy tale 'Cinderella' - says it's a ''shame'' people judge female performers by their appearance rather than their talent.

Responding to claims her co-star's waist was photoshopped in the film, Holliday told BANG Showbiz at last night's (19.03.15) London premiere in Leicester Square: ''Lily's got a small waist - what is she going to do about it? The corsets make it look smaller.

''I think the movie is so much about what's on the inside is what matters - and who you are as a person.

''I just think it's a shame. Really, there are lots of strong female leads and we're focusing on what they're wearing and what they look like.''

The remarks came shortly after Lily, 25, urged people to show more interest in Cinderella's morals than her waist.

She said: ''Why on earth are we focusing on something so irrelevant?

''I've had friends' kids and a little boy called Daniel, who's nine, who said 'it's amazing how you promised your mum to be kind and good and you remembered it'. That's the message [of the movie].''