Former Hole frontwoman Courtney Love is ditching her tame rock star pals in favour of hanging out with wild comedians. The CELEBRITY SKIN hitmaker became disillusioned with the rock 'n' roll scene after befriending US funnyman Jim Carrey on the set of Man On the Moon. And Love, who has been repeatedly linked with British comedian Steve Coogan, is convinced comedy is the new rock, because bands are too obsessed with their image to have fun. She says, "Ever since I worked with Jim Carrey I've related really well to comedians. "I think our jobs are really similar and I'm drawn to people as friends who aren't afraid to go to the edge. A lot of times rockers are trying to be cool so much they forget that the fundamental job is to be as vulnerable as possible. "Really good comedians are sometimes more rock 'n' roll than rock 'n' rollers."