Review of Lips Of An Angel Single by Hinder

Lips Of An Angel
Single Review

Hinder Lips Of An Angel Single

In the time between copious touring and crafting yearning, slow-building and grunge resurrecting laments, Hinder spend their time firing verbal onslaughts at searing acts like Thursday. 'Lips Of An Angel' skirts perilously close to that pop bubble that many so called alternative bands slide into these days.

Hinder, like too many bands around at the moment, seem to think that the only way to stand out, is by bringing other acts down to promote yourselves and raise your profile. They fall into this pit far too easily, when they should be adding a few tweaks to the sturdy guitar riffs and the gritty, heart laden vocals of Austin Winkler that just fall short of Shaun Morgan's (Seether) level of projection .You get the impression that freshness is just a branch away for Hinder, but can they stop belittling others enough to be able to concentrate and reach for it?

Rating 6/10

David Adair

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