Former first lady Hillary Clinton admits she nearly walked out on ex American president BILL CLINTON - after details of his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky came to light.

Hillary branded the former president's 1998 fling with Lewinsky - who was on work-experience at the White House at the time - a "stinging betrayal".

The 55-year-old revealed secrets of the scandal to top American talk-show host Barbara Walters in the run-up to her $7.5 million (GBP5 million) autobiography LIVING HISTORY, which hits US bookshelves next week (begs09JUN03).

She told Walters the morning Bill, 56, admitted a string of sex acts with Lewinsky, then 21, was "probably the worst moment I can imagine anyone going through".

Hillary added, "I was dumbfounded. I was beside myself with anger and disappointment. The jury was out on whether the marriage would survive, whether I wanted it to survive."

In the interview, due to be aired in August (03), Hillary admits she has never been able to make herself read the report by independent counsel KENNETH STARR, which details her husband's sexy liaisons with Lewinsky.

06/06/2003 02:17