Senator Hillary Clinton has reaffirmed her love for cheating husband BILL in an emotional declaration of her devotion.

The Democrat politician, who is reportedly planning to run for President in 2004, told a British magazine she remains deeply in love with her wayward spouse despite the hurt caused by his affair with former intern Monica LEWINSKY.

She tells GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, "I have forgiven the unforgivable."

When asked if the scandal had given the couple a stronger bond, she says, "I think that's more than possible. I know it's happened for me. I think that, for both of us, this relationship has been the cornerstone of our lives.

"I find my husband the most alive, energised person ever and I feel so fortunate to have spent thirty years with him. I've learned and grown so much and I'm sure he'd say the same about me."

10/09/2003 13:48