Former first lady Hillary Clinton has demanded that a Chinese publisher recalls copies of her memoirs LIVING HISTORY - after sections on the country's 'dismal' human rights record were removed.

Clinton - a possible Democrat contender for the presidential elections in 2004 - was furious after the government-owned YILIN PRESS took out passages about her trips to the Asian nation with husband BILL and views on their civil policies.

Now American publisher SIMON + SCHUSTER have declared the move a breach of contract and made the offending passages available online on their website - in both Chinese and English.

But Yilin Press are standing firm, insisting that the cuts were made in order to reach the largest possible audience in China and said they have written to Simon + Schuster to explain the 'misunderstanding'.

Vice Editor in Chief LIU FENG says, "The changes were conducive to all three sides, the U.S. publishing house, Hillary herself and the Yilin publishing house. We made the technical changes in accordance with our own judgment in order to have more people buy the book.

"Our fault was not contacting and consulting with them immediately. We did so because we wanted the book to be published soon in order to avoid the loss caused by pirated copies."

26/09/2003 02:09