Former American First Lady Hillary Clinton has always struggled to get on with her husband BILL's mother - because of her reluctance to get glammed up.

The New York senator's first meeting with Southern Belle VIRGINIA set the tone for their future relationship - when a distinctly unstylish Hillary shocked her future mother-in-law with her 'Do-It-Yourself' appearance.

She says, "Before Virginia had arrived I had trimmed my own hair badly to save money. I didn't use make up and wore jeans and work shirts most of the time. I was no Miss Arkansas and certainly not the type of girl Virginia expected her son to fall in love with.

"No matter what else was going on in her life, Virginia got up early, glued on her false eyelashes and put on bright red lipstick. My style baffled her, and she didn't like my strange Yankee ideas either."

09/06/2003 20:54