Hillary Clinton's presidential bid may be over, but that isn't going to stop Bon Jovi helping her campaign out.

Ms Clinton spent much of her Democratic primary campaign against Barack Obama Livin' On A Prayer and she eventually lost out to the Illinois senator.

Her defeat proved costly, as she was forced to wipe out $13.2 million of funds she had personally loaned to her campaign.

The Hillary Clinton for President campaign remains $6.4 million in debt, however.

And it is this which Bon Jovi is stepping in to help out with.

On January 15th a fundraiser will attempt to "make a memory" of her debt at Town Hall in Manhattan, New York.

President-elect Obama is expected to name her as his secretary of state after his inauguration on January 20th.

This will prevent her from engaging in fundraising activities after her appointment, meaning the Bon Jovi gig is likely to live up to its billing as a "final evening in support of Hillary Clinton for President Debt Relief".

The evening is billed: Thank you, Hillary: A Salute to Hillary Clinton. Former president Bill Clinton is expected to attend.

04/01/2009 09:55:13