A man with a bomb strapped to his chest has sparked a hostage crisis at former U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign headquarters in Rochester, New Hampshire. A young mum, carrying her baby, raised the alarm on Friday lunchtime (30Nov07) after the crazed man allowed her to walk free from the scene. Police and hostage negotiators quickly arrived and the stores close to Clinton's campaign base were evacuated, along with the local headquarters of fellow presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John Edwards. No details are known as to why the man in his 40s targeted Clinton's offices, but he has told hostage negotiators he wants to speak directly with the former First Lady. Other hostages have since been freed. One witness who spoke to the first hostage released says the young mum was sobbing frantically as she explained the man had walked into the Clinton office, opened his coat and revealed a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape. Bill Shaheen, chairman of Clinton's New Hampshire campaign, insists the hostages are all volunteers. Clinton, who is campaigning in Washington, D.C., cancelled her Democratic National Committee event after hearing of the hostage situation.